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Thread: Is my Samsung flash gun working properly?

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    Is my Samsung flash gun working properly?

    Hi everyone, I am new to photography and to this forum so please bear with me.

    I have a Samsung Nx11 camera and have just bought a Samsung SEF42A flash gun to go with it. The problem I have is when I use the A-TTL (auto function) on the flash. No matter what aperture I set the camera/flash automatically sets the correct exposure. However when I take the same picture at different aperture settings the results I get are very different (under/over exposed photos dependent on the aperture). I don't understand how the camera shows the correct exposure every time yet doesnt seem to adjust the flash intensity when I change the aperture setting. Any ideas?



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    Re: Is my Samsung flash gun working properly?


    You're only way of knowing whether you have a faulty unit is to know that you have both the camera and flash unit properly set up to allow the A-TTL to work.

    I apologise if this is sounds simplistic, but have you studied the operator manuals of both the camera and flash unit and are you sure that settings on both are as they should be? I don't know the Samsung products that you have, so don't know what those settings should be. But my first reaction is that the camera and the flash are not communicating as they should and that this is becuase they are not set up properly.

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