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Thread: Beach Rose - C & C Please

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    Beach Rose - C & C Please

    I wanted to get in close to this one but still show there was an ocean behind it with a hint of the beach. At the same time I was paying attention to the exposure so I would not blow out the whites:
    Beach  Rose - C & C Please

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    Re: Beach Rose - C & C Please

    Perfect exposure. The background does nothing for this photos. Because of the bokey, we wouldn't know if its ocean or something else. I'd just crop in tighter to the flower. It's lovely.

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    Re: Beach Rose - C & C Please

    That's an excellently crafted image. You nailed the exposure wonderfully well. The light on the flower and on the leaves is super. You have placed the top of the flower very well - just on the line of the beach 'horizon'.

    Is this the full frame, or have you cropped? The reason I ask is because of my only question - If you were able to, what would it be like if your rotated it so that the line of the edge of the beach ran horizontally? Would that then make the plant, particularly the leaves look silly by being at the wrong angle?

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    You nailed everything as Donald stated but IMO I would have shot from a little higher & tighter getting just the beach as a smooth brown background to contrast the flower & leaves without the ocean in the shot.

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    Re: Beach Rose - C & C Please

    Thank you for your opinions. They are all helpful.
    1) I have taken a few other perspectives of this flower.
    2) Donald It was not a crop, but straight from the camera.
    3)I will upload the other two perspectives later on and put them in my Gallery.

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    Re: Beach Rose - C & C Please

    Is that a Cherokee Rose? Well done, maybe shave a little of the top...

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    Re: Beach Rose - C & C Please

    It's possibly a "Rosa Rugosa Alba Rose" Photorob.

    The other Perspectives are in my gallery now.

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