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Thread: Grand Waterfall

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    Grand Waterfall

    In my recent trip to China, I visited Guizhou - a remote place in Western South of China, where
    I went to see the Grand Waterfall, or called Huang Guo Shu (黄果树)Grand Waterfall, which is the biggest waterfall in China. It is 77 meters high and 101 meters wide.

    I took this picture in an early morning. The light condition was not good, it was raining, and the the contrast between the sky and rocks was so strong. I tried to capture some cloud by using a GND filter and still keep some details of the rocks - that was hard in this shot.

    Grand Waterfall

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    Re: Grand Waterfall

    It looks a very good shot for the circumstances you describe Yan and certainly gives an impression of the scale of the falls and atmosphere of the place. Well done.

    Just waiting for a GND filter to come & this image is a good incentive to use it.

    I make a practise of keeping less than ideal shots and it gives a benchmark to improve on in the course of time; with bird pics it has worked quite well and it is always great to bin an older version when one has a better one.

    However it is probably not somewhere you go that often and more like the one I took of a fox belting off with a rabbit in its mouth last time could be a long time.

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