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Thread: Nikon Shooters: Heads Up - New Flash SB-910

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    Nikon Shooters: Heads Up - New Flash SB-910

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    Re: Nikon Shooters: Heads Up - New Flash SB-910

    The new SB-910 aeems to have some neat bells and whistles...

    Whatever happened to the Nikon concept of using a hotshoe flash for bouncing along with the on camera flash for fill? The Nikon SB50DX had a diffuser which could be dropped down over the onboard flash while the hotshoe flash was mounted. I believe that the onboard flash and the bounced flash intensity could be adjusted independently.

    Apparently Nikon dropped this idea with the SB50DX being the only model flash which incorporated this concept.

    Metz has several flashes which incorporate a secondary flash tube for full light and to avoid "raccoon eyes".

    Certainly, you can easily and inexpensively buy or fabricate a diffuser/reflector which will remedy the fill flash need problem. However, the flip down diffuser over the on-board flash seems like it might provide the best of both worlds.
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    Re: Nikon Shooters: Heads Up - New Flash SB-910

    Since I don't do any studio work or portrait photography, that flash would be over the top for me.

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