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Thread: Velvet

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    This isn't the greatest of images, but a very rare one. (trying to get a close-up, but with no luck yet)

    This is either a buck that has been castrated or a doe with horns. Either way, it is a rare sight. Hope to have some better images soon.


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    Re: Velvet

    Hi Steve,

    This series is really good.

    Here in my neck of the woods the season is on. I don't hunt myself but I know a lot of hunters that would be drooling over these shots.

    Here, a doe with horns would certainly be rare. Especially of that size. Occasionally we will see a button doe. But a castrated buck really isn't so much in the wild. We have a lot of bucks harvested each year this way. Lots of wire fences (barbed and other). They get spooked, try to jump them, and don't quite make it.

    An interesting but mostly worthless piece of trivia there!

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    Re: Velvet

    I like the way you have framed 'him' using the trees and the fact you have managed to keep his head nice and sharp.
    Personally, I would have liked to see not as much around the 'Main subject' and would have cropped it slightly; making the head slightly bigger and hence dominating the picture a bit more, but that; as you know is an individual choice.

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