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Thread: quarterhorse

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    Re: quarterhorse

    Hi James,

    EXIF: 1/500s, f/5.6, iso 200 at 400mm on a Canon Rebel T2i

    I asked my wife and daughter for comments and they both thought (cover the horse's ears please) it has "an odd shaped head" with "a large nose", but of course we're English (don't'cha know) and apparently you wouldn't see one with that bone structure here in the UK. Anyway; they thought the photo was fine. (they both 'do' horses for work or pleasure, but I keep well away).

    My view on the image is that it is a bit red; I wonder if you pushed the WB towards red to enhance its colour (which has affected WB of the green too) and perhaps increasing red gain might have been better. Of course, I'll appear silly if that's what you did

    I find the neck fold (and signature) a bit distracting in lower left corner, but cropping on left or bottom isn't an option as that destroys the nice composition you have - I just wonder whether another 5% of space added on the right hand edge would help.

    Background, exposure and selective sharpening are all good.

    Hope it helps,

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