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Thread: Red Flash Attachment Slave Nikon - Canon

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    Red Flash Attachment Slave Nikon - Canon

    Did this catch your attention? Who would buy this item? Well I did...

    I was skimming through Nikon flashes on eBay to find a tiny bounce capable flash for my wife's Nikon Coolpix 5400 when I found this jewel. I have been looking for one for several years...

    It is a Yin Yang infrared flash trigger which does a great job triggering the optical slaves on my studio flash units. I have been using one for years and wanted a backup. Unfortunately, these neat little units are no longer carried on eBay auctions EXCEPT FOR THIS ONE...

    The owner states he never used it. If he thought it was a flash, I'll bet he never used it...

    No one else bid on it and I got it for the original offer price of $12.95 (USD)... I love this little unit so much that I had wished I purchased a second one as a backup. I didn't and couldn't find another until I was skimming the Nikon flash units.

    I have been searching eBay for a long time using "IR Trigger" and "infrared flash trigger" and "Yin Yang trigger" as the search parameters but, I could never find one...
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    Re: Red Flash Attachment Slave Nikon - Canon

    Well done, Richard. Always useful to keep scanning for bargains out there.

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