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Thread: Yorkshire Waterfalls

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    Yorkshire Waterfalls

    Yorkshire Waterfalls
    stones by mikethe8ike, on Flickr

    Yorkshire Waterfalls
    waterfall 2 by mikethe8ike, on Flickr

    Yorkshire Waterfalls
    waterfall by mikethe8ike, on Flickr

    These are some shots i took whilst on a photography course in the Yorkshire Dales . . i learnt a lot that weekend and am planning trips down to the coast in the spring to capture the seashore with rolling waves and rocks and boats and .and . . (you get the idea ? )

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    Re: Yorkshire Waterfalls


    For my taste (and that is what it is), you've given #2 and #3 too long a shutter speed. Many people like this effect being created with the water. For me it goes just a bit to far on the 'bluriness' scale.

    I think you've nailed the exposure beautifully on the first one. And the shutter speed is appropriate for the speed at which the water is flowing. You haven't let it go all 'fluffy' and it retains its texture, but you still show movement. The only niggle I have with that is that (?) leaf on the rock on the left. Clone it out? It's also a nice example of the fact that you don't always need the grand panorama in order to tell the story.
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