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Thread: Marina "Parklife" (My First Photoshoot)

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    Marina "Parklife" (My First Photoshoot)

    Marina "Parklife" (My First Photoshoot)
    IMG_2849 copy by mikethe8ike, on Flickr

    Here is a shot from my recent "pro" shoot my first attempt at portraiture with a live subject shot with a large reflector in the shade on a very sunny day . i like the strong triangle in the shot and the expression . . i did some light work on the skin in Elements 9 but other than that and tweaking the RAW conversion i basically left it alone . .so i would welcome your c+c . .

    Canon 600 D
    ef 55/250
    evaluative Metering with central focus point selected
    One Shot Focus
    ISO 400
    1/250 exposure
    70mm focal length

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    Re: Marina "Parklife" (My First Photoshoot)

    Hi Mike, congratulations on your first photo shoot!
    When I look at this photo, the first thing I notice is the expression, very nice. I don't like the coat scrunched up across her lap. This would be fine as a candid. I think some more contrast and a tighter crop on her face might improve the image.

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