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Thread: Addios

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    Re: Addios

    Interesting composition Fernando! I commend you for that.
    The background appears completely blown out to me - totally void of detail. If this was your aim, then good! But for me, I find myself wishing I could see more of it.
    The subject in the foreground seems under exposed in the face - again I find myself wishing I could see some detail here.
    These are purely subjective comments!
    If you were to try this again, perhaps a different time of day would provide a different contrast that you could use? Some might suggest some HDR techniques, but I don't know anything about those.
    Thanks for posting.

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    Re: Addios

    Would this be a better shot by cropping below the guys collar?

    Everything below seems messy and unnecessary, especially the two pipes? It could keep his head highlighted against the chapel? And give more impact?

    The electric wires also distract and unloke many of your other shots, I am left wondering about this one...

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