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Thread: Assateague Island Sunrise series

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    Assateague Island Sunrise series

    Here are a few more from last weeks visit to Assateague Island. I was playing around with different settings and wanted to see how the new 70-300mm L lens did in these situations.

    This one… doesnt seem to be as sharp as it should… f/11, ISO 100 @ 1/640 sec, 300mm. -1 EV
    But the depth of colors reminded me of the scene in "Gone With The Wind" in which Atlanta was burning in the distance.
    Assateague Island Sunrise series
    IMG_2396 by Michael VerVelde Photography, on Flickr

    Seems a bit sharper. Same settings as above, but with +1 EV. Pier posts are in foreground. Cropping the posts out seems to reduce the interest in the picture and cuts out some of the continuing reflections from the sun which I like. Any thoughts?

    Assateague Island Sunrise series
    IMG_2398 by Michael VerVelde Photography, on Flickr

    f/4, ISO 100 @ 1/100sec, 70mm. Not sure if I got the colors right here...

    Assateague Island Sunrise series
    IMG_2412 by Michael VerVelde Photography, on Flickr

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    Re: Assateague Island Sunrise series

    Quote Originally Posted by Harpo View Post
    Assateague Island Sunrise series
    This is the one that makes me stop and look again. It's a good, strong image.

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