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Thread: miles and miles

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    miles and miles

    i'm very much the amateur so just getting out and about.
    brancaster beach,norfolk.a few more clouds would have been nice for interest but a stunning day out.
    miles and miles of beach
    miles and miles

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    Re: miles and miles

    what a fantastic pic this is...... very unusual composition,which i like very much it is simply beautiful, this pic! like the old jungle saying goes"every pic can be improved" i feel every photographer worth his salt should shoot one simple lovely pic like this in his life time.....

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    Re: miles and miles

    Just as an experiment, try a software conversion to b/w and using a red filter.

    Changes the whole feel of the photo and certainly brings out the sky, - not necessarily how you would imagine.

    However nice first post and in my view the off centre balance of the rocks is just right.

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