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Thread: Mountain Man

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    Mountain Man & Californiano

    Mountain man - Portrayal of the men who explored the American West in search of beaver...

    Mountain Man

    Californiano - Portrayal of an original Hispanic settler of California...

    Mountain Man

    These images were photographed at the last Battle of San Pasqual Memorial near Escondido, California. The Battle of San Pasqual was the only battle of the Mexican-American war that was won by the Mexicans. It pitted mounted Californiano Lancers against American Infantry. The persistant rain wet the American powder and the advantage went to the Californiano Lancers.
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    Re: Mountain Man & Californiano

    I love attending re-enactments like this, there is so much history to be learned and of course, it's always a great photo challenge.

    I especially like your second photo, his face isn't shadowed by the hat as much as the first image.

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