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Thread: Old Nikon SB25 flash on digital cameras

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    Old Nikon SB25 flash on digital cameras

    I have a Nikon SB25 electronic flash that I used on my Nikon 801s, and I would like to know if it is possible to use it on my D80. I understand that the older flashes can cause problems for digital cameras.


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    Re: Old flash on Digital camera

    Hi Yonatan,

    Thanks for posting this question.

    Unfortunately I can't help you with it, but hopefully one of our many Nikon users may be able to offer some help.

    In the meantime, I wonder if you could post an intro about yourself in the
    Introduce Yourself & Welcome Other Members (2) thread.

    Many thanks,

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    Re: Old flash on Digital camera

    If it is all Nikon equipment then you are in with a good chance. I have 'sold my soul' to Canon so can't offer any practical experience whith your equipment. However, I have an old third party flash from my film camera days which wouldn't work properly on a Canon 10D but seems to be OK on my 40D.

    Previously I used the forum site for camera related questions and they have a Nikon forum, so if you don't get any other answers here it might be worth giving them a try.

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    Re: Old flash on Digital camera

    Hi Yonatan,

    I did a little "Googling" for you - short andwer appears to be "Yes it'll work, but the camera/flash need to be setup for manual operation".

    Have you ever considered just upgrading to a more modern flash so that you can enjoy all the benefits of automatic exposure?

    Hope this helps,

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