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    New to this

    Hello everyone,
    Its good to see so many experts with so many great advices, under the same roof. I have got some questions and would be highly pleased if anyone takes time out to answer them. Those are as follows:
    1. I have been taking photographs for quite some time with my canon (compact) camera. Recently I started studying some stuff and watched video tutorials about how we can play with some of the settings that we can alter if we have a dslr. So I want to buy a new DSLR. As a beginner what do you guys suggest should I be looking for (should be one of canon or nikon)? I like to take photos in low light, indoors, outdoors and sports too.
    2. I like the canon EOS 40d and the canon 450d. My price range falls around 400 dollars for the body. Here in my country , the second hand cameras are a bit expensive . Like the canon 40d is like $800. When I checked it on amazon and craiglist, in USA they were around $450. So is there any way in which I can buy a camera from the USA sitting here in Pakistan? If yes, how can I verify the condition of the second hand camera?

    Now that I am learning a lot and also checking out other people's photography, I am raring to have a camera of my own. Thanking in anticipation.


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    Re: New to this

    Hi Waqas,

    Here are some other posts that may be helpful:

    Advice on new/secondhand camera
    Buying first DSLR camera
    Lenses on a budget

    Here is another link you could look at for some more advice on buying used camera equipment. Here's another one.

    I've bought a few used lenses and have been very lucky, but it is always a gamble unless you can test drive first. Just the nature of the beast I'm afraid with no guarantee attached.

    Good luck with your choice and happy shooting

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    Re: New to this

    Hi Waqas, I went through this a few months ago and although there are fewer constraints in the US (for example I can walk into several stores and physically examine most brands and models), it still comes down to the basics. I found that either Nikon or Canon are good choices because:
    1. You have a wide variety of bodies, lenses and accessories to select from.
    2. There are a lot of compatible third-party accessories available.
    3. Both have been in business a long time and have a history of reputable products.
    Having said that, there are still good, better, and best models available based on your budget and usage requirements. There is no substitute for doing your research on the web and reading the reviews to determine what is going to work best for you.

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    Re: New to this

    Hi Waqas...

    I would expect that some important facets of buying a used camera and getting a camera shipped to Pakistan would be:

    1. Ensuring that the camera you purchase is in good condition. Having to return any camera would possibly eat up a lot of the money you save.

    2. Finding a seller who is willing to ship to Pakistan.

    3. If your country charges any import tax on used photographic equipment.

    Although buying from a vendor who is in business to sell photo equipment (such as KEH or Adorama) might be a bit more expensive, perhaps it may be safer for you. At least the vendor should be aware of the condition of the equipment. Occasionally, even the best intentioned private seller doesn't know the true condition of the item he is selling. As an example, I once bought a 17-40mm f/4L lens from a private seller. The focus was off ever so slightly which had not been detected by the seller. In fact, I did not notice it for a while after I purchased the lens. The trip to the Canon service center ate up any savings I made buying the lens used.

    Good luck. BTW: I personally prefer the 40D over the 450D. I have one and enjoy shooting with it. I used a 30D and a 40D as my two cameras for a long while ntil I got a very good price on a refurbished Canon 7D through the Canon Loyalty Program.

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