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Thread: Museum experience.

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    Museum experience.

    I want to share these shots with a good background light to enhance the objects after crop distraction components focusing in the real subject.
    #1. The mask:

    Museum experience.

    #2. The animal:

    Museum experience.

    C&C are welcome.

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    Re: Museum experience.

    I think there are good examples of photographing museum displays

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    Re: Museum experience.

    Hi Javier,

    Finding a museum with good (for photography) lighting is rare - my only comment would be they might stand some sharpening - but do be wary of noise.

    However, that said, these are both posted on TinyPic pretty large;
    1,150px 1,107px (scaled to 700px 674px) and
    1,205px 1,479px (scaled to 570px 700px).

    If you consider that most peoples monitors are only going to be 1050 or 1080px high, you can see that with this vertical size, they are never going to be viewed at full size and when the browser downsizes, things go soft. If someone right clicks and views each in a new tab or window, and clicks the maginifier so they switch to full size, not full height, will they be seen as you saw them.

    Thus I always recommend posting at no more than 1000px tall (and/or upto 1600px wide) to avoid these issues.

    I don't know if you shot through glass (very likely), but they might benefit from a sharpen and a Local Contrast Enhancement.

    Here's your first;
    LCE with USM 30%, 120px, 0th
    Reduce to 700px max
    Sharpen with USM 180%, 0.3px, 2th

    Museum experience.

    In summary, I can't fault the capture (no reflections, good exposure, etc.), they just need a bit of Tender Loving Care in PP.

    Given the contrast enhencement I applied, it would probably now be worth cloning across the top of frame, and maybe the 4 corners to remove the background shade variations.

    Hope that's useful,

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