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Thread: Sigma DP2 and Micro Four thirds etc...

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    Sigma DP2 and Micro Four thirds etc...

    Is anyone excited for these cameras as much as I am?

    It is definietely an interesting time for photography.
    Pocketable cameras with "large" sensores being available in our hands soon.

    While the non-pocketable ones a la Panasonic GH1 and the new Samsung Nx (with APS-C sensor) are also exciting - I am lusting over the pocketable ones.

    While we know that the DP1 was not that successful, I am hoping that the DP2 has much improved on that intial concept.

    I feel the DP2 will have competition from the Olympus prototye (orange cam) with intrchangeable lenses.

    I personally am looking for a pocketable camera with good quality photos in low light, but most importantly, depth-of-field control and the ability to render the background significantly out of focus (without forcing it by super close focusing macro style).

    Perhaps the APS-C sensore size will allow more DOF control than the micro-four thirds Olympus, given a pocketable sized lens installed on the latter.

    I really would like to see you guys chime in on all those.

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    Re: Sigma DP2 and Micro Four thirds etc...

    Hi Elie,

    Yep, I could get excited, I am looking to upgrade from my current Fuji bridge to a "DSLR" and had set my heart on an Olympus E-30, but was struggling with the costs involved ($1300 body), but really wanted the swivelling LCD screen.

    Today I have done a fair bit of research on the on the forthcoming (May in US) Olympus E-620, which also gives me the aforementioned benefit at considerably less cost ($700 body) and I could live with the other compromises too.

    Now you've shown me the Panasonic DMC-GH1 which also has the flexible screen and a 10:1 lens like I'm used to. Cost unknown (in USD for comparison purposes).

    Yet to find anything that tells me about the Sigma DP2 in this respect though, or cost.

    Exciting times,

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    Re: Sigma DP2 and Micro Four thirds etc...

    Now you should look at Olympus E-P1. I hope to see the review soon.

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    Re: Sigma DP2 and Micro Four thirds etc...

    Thanks for your posts. They are really very cool, very wonderful.

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    Re: Sigma DP2 and Micro Four thirds etc...

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