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Thread: night skyline

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    night skyline

    this pic taken with hand held canon 600d with 18-55 mm is lens
    pls give me some comment on the photo
    my orignal pic is 5184x3456 so i reduce to this size the quality not so good
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    Re: night skyline

    It's not good, Chris, because it was handheld and it is thus, blurry...not terrbly so, but enough so as to remind you to use a tripod next time. Nice skyline and I really love big cityscapes at night.

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    Re: night skyline

    Loss of quality when reducing and uploading photos here is a common potential problem, Chris.

    Try resizing to under 700 pixels on the long side then resharpen. Upload with just enough jpeg compression to get your image under 150 kb.

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