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Thread: Advice for beginner-wannabe architecture snapper

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    Advice for beginner-wannabe architecture snapper


    Apologies if this has already been addressed here!

    I would like to photograph buildings, streetscapes and architectural details for my own pleasure. So far I have tried with a bridge camera but am increasingly aware of its limitations (and mine). I would welcome any advice on buying a suitable DSLR. (NB I am fairly broke at the minute, this is speculation and greed on my part, and something to dream about...)

    Should I buy a Canon body for my old lenses from analogue days (EF 35-70mm 1:3.4-4.5 and EF 70-120mm 1:4) and maybe, one day, if & when I can afford it, a TS-E? If so, should I hold out for one of the newer bodies (second-hand) or am I OK with one of the older ones?

    Or should I get something like a Lumix DMC-L10K with what I gather is its very good kit lens? If so, what other 4/3 lens (wide-angle?) is suitable for architectural subjects?

    Thanks and best wishes, Nick

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    Re: Advice for beginner-wannabe architecture snapper

    Hi Nick,
    If you go for DSLR it would be better to get a Full frame body. This because then you take maximum possibility of a wide angle lens.
    If you choose for crop size then less will be on the image.
    From the other hand what about a Panasonic Lumix LX3.
    A very good camera with high image quality and the lens covers 24 mm angle on a FF DSLR.
    I have one myself ( the leica D-lux 4) and am very pleased with the possibilities for Architecture and so on.

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