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Thread: Flower Backgrounds

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    Flower Backgrounds

    I have just started to process the many photos of flowers i have taken over the years....

    Some advice on background selections and styles would be appreciated I attach an example for comment.

    Its a Rose by the name of Whisky Mac.

    Flower Backgrounds


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    Re: Flower Backgrounds

    Hi David;

    What a classic name David Victor Woods, sounds impressive

    Flowers, oh my what a vast arena to enter into...

    For starters looks like you working om classic, old school (that's a good thing) techniques. Great - lets start there: I'll trow 2 ideas your way...

    1-light colored flower with the basic round shape (rose). Put the flower just off center with it looking to the left (in the Western World, not so in the Eastern). Slightly point up and on a darker back ground, so to raw the eye to light on dark principal.

    2-light colored flower, same composition, more of less, but on a very light background, this causes a more peaceful and tranquil visual effect.

    Try it with the same flower and a piece of cloth laying on the ground / table behind it (far enough away to be really out of focus).

    There are ton of Techniques on the Net, give it a Google and see more ...

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