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Thread: Which 10-60mm prime lens for nikon f-mount?

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    Which 10-60mm prime lens for nikon f-mount?

    Hey there!

    I'm thinking of purchasing the D700 for low light photography but I'm not sure which lens to buy. Right now, I'm thinking of buying the 50mm AF-S F/1.4 G but I'm not happy with the performance. It lacks sharpness even at f/4, which is totally unacceptable for the money I'm paying for.

    Evidience of softness:
    Richard peter
    camera labs
    dennis thomas
    (showing how bad this prime compares to the expensive 24-70mm lens, but otherwise a decent performer.)

    So what would you recommend for a light (less than 400g), sharp prime lens?

    Edit- how does a Sigma 50mm F1.4 EX DG HSM fair?
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    Re: Which 10-60mm prime lens for nikon f-mount?

    Bump! Any recommendations?

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    Re: Which 10-60mm prime lens for nikon f-mount?

    I have the older Nikon f1.4 50 mm, but reading these reviews, I think I will just hang onto it, especially as the extra element in the new lens might just be a disadvantage for me with time exposures.

    Trouble being, the Sigma is more expensive according to this review, and I have not had one to try, so giving a balanced view is difficult. If IQ is your benchmark (and it should be, the evidence points towards the Sigma).

    I would say that the older f1.4 is 'small' when fitted to the D3 and therefore doesn't balance particularly well, but I can live with that.

    Why not hire one for a couple of weeks and see how it compares in real life? Always better than reviews IMHO.

    (Dennis Thomas refers to the 28-70 not the 24-70?)
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