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Thread: bushy weedy thing in flower

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    bushy weedy thing in flower

    This one

    bushy weedy thing in flower

    or this one? They are slightly different. I like the bokeh in #1 and the composition and color in #2 and it's almost silly because they're so similar.

    bushy weedy thing in flower

    and, then..

    bushy weedy thing in flower

    I have no idea what this weedy bush, outside my kitchen window is but, every year, it brings me simple joy.

    and, now, what are you going to say about the second one? I'll wait for you to say it, please, but, then, may I argue back? (and, Donald, don't ask me what I think is "wrong" with it - I'm trying to see if it bothers any one else!)
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    Re: bushy weedy thing in flower

    Good morning Dear Friend
    Now as I am the first to reply - I must be right
    I prefer the second one because to me the light on the main subject makes the composition.
    And you are most definitely not silly noticing subtle changes between images that make a big difference.
    I found exactly the same and was surprised by it with my cast portrait shots - same child same lighting same camera settings - but just a slight change in expression or look made 1 shot a keeper over another, so I know exactly what you mean
    And p.s be not alarmed by Raylee's Gotham city - she is not at all scary and bares no resemblance whatsoever to any bat cave persons real or imaginary

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    Re: bushy weedy thing in flower

    That is a very pretty `weed` Love the subtle pink colour you captured.

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