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Thread: Old Train Bridge

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    Old Train Bridge

    This is an old train bridge in wheeling, WVa. It was converted to a walking path when they removed the tracks. Big wheeling creek is flowing underneath.

    Could have been better, but i had to shoot at iso 800 and hand hold, because i was standing on an on ramp , to take the shot. I might try reshooting from the creek and see what i can get. critique welcome.

    Old Train Bridge

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    Re: Old Train Bridge

    Quote Originally Posted by Steve S View Post
    I might try reshooting from the creek and see what i can get..
    Beautiful patterns and shapes, Steve. But maybe your idea is a good one. There quite a lot of tonal similarity between the stone of the bridge and the foliage behind it.

    Maybe it's just about the time of day and the angle of the light, but I think it would be strengthened if you could get some separation between the tones on the bridge and the leaves behind it.

    The trick is going to be in retaining that wonderful symmetrical, solid shape

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