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Thread: newbie needs some help

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    newbie needs some help

    hello, good day! I am just new here, I recently bought an external for my canon eos 450d. my flash is a yongnuo 560. and I am having a hard time using it. it seems like that my camera cannot detect it. can someone help me if there is any way/ solution that I can do so that my camera can detect my flash.

    thank you!

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    Re: newbie needs some help

    Check on Yougnuo website if your camera is supported for this model for TTL mode. If not, the only way to use it is via manual flash mode. Now that's an adventure!

    I forgot to mention... Clean the contacts of your flash and the hotshoe contacts on the camera body. Sometimes the terminals are already oxidized that it creates a membrane that prevent electrical signals to pass through. A very, very fine sandpaper can do the job (the same one they use to clean headlights) Use with caution whenever possible and clean the contacts while the camera is OFF!

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    Re: newbie needs some help

    Most electrical contacts can be safely cleaned of oxidation with a Pink Pearl eraser.

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