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Thread: (Interactive) Panorama of a church (HDR)

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    (Interactive) Panorama of a church (HDR)

    (Interactive) Panorama of a church (HDR)
    St Stephens Church Ooty Panorama (HDR) - Interactive version is at my blog by naga-s, on Flickr

    This is my first go at panorama. It's not 360 degrees panorama. I have captured around 240 degrees.

    I have also created an interactive flash based version of this panorama (virtual tour) - where one can sort of "walk in" ,"look up/down" and "look right/left". That is located at my blog :

    Please let me know if the panorama looks OK. What could I have done better? The angles, panoramic composition etc.

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    Re: (Interactive) Panorama of a church (HDR)


    The panorama looks very good.

    Clearly the altar area in the church is the main area and you ahev centred the panorama on that.

    I have never attempted such a thing and it is interesting to learn how it is done.

    And Ooty - a place I would very much like to visit.
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