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Thread: A Big Old Bridge.

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    A Big Old Bridge.

    As I have stated a couple of times in this very blog that I love B&W photos. Back in the day when film was king, I had a Nikon FM. Fast Forward to current time... I have decided to get back into it and bought a Nikon P300... So I wanted to share this with you.
    A Big Old Bridge.“Bridge through the column” © 2011 JAMcCready

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    rob marshall

    Re: A Big Old Bridge.


    If you put your 'real name' as Jerry in your profile it will come out on all your posts without you having to add it manually.

    I like the idea of the shot, but I feel there's too much empty space either side of the opening. It might havve been better to rotate the camera to portrait mode and get in a bit closer. Can you spot-meter on the P300? If you can then that would have perfectly exposed the open area in the sun, which seems a little over-exposed.

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