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Thread: motherday

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    she was very happy with this bouquet


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    Re: mothersday

    Hello, Vandenberg (it's me, again.) I don't know if I should respond or just let this thread go around again so that more people can see it. First off, I would be ecstatic to get a bouquet like this, myself. (Lucky, lucky wife!) Soothing, reflective, country garden blues and whites. (Wow! I just started to imagine what the florists must be like in the Netherlands - land of flowers, it seems.)

    I think that photos of bouquets so often look like just snaps. I think it's hard to make something artistic out of them. These have your style written all over it. That means, of course, that I love it!

    Er, do you really want my serious observations about it?

    #1 is my favorite. I like the glowing glass vase. I'm boring, though, and, though I like the angle, I wish that it was vertically oriented. Also, the little sunlit red patch - red matches these colors but, it seems that it doesn't fit with the feeling of the bouquet.

    #2 Beautiful play of light, no? I don't appreciate the black edge of the window coming out of the upper right hand corner - it seems too modern and breaks the mood, for me, a bit BUT, maybe that's just a silly and subjective observation?

    #3 It works! It's so pretty (all of them are!!!) I think there's just a little too much table, though. I wish that it was cropped in just a bit more from the sides (not necessarily square, though - that would be too obvious - I'm joking, btw - does it matter that much?) Anyway, then, the flowers would be closer and easier to see and more the "star of the show".

    The deal is that I saw a catalog for Simon Pearce glass and it was page after page of gorgeous photos of spectacular bouquets in hand blown glass vases in beautiful venues. I got such a feeling from the silly catalog (of course, I was supposed to - that was their aim - they want me to absolutely need to have their glass so that I will be a better person, right?) It was so well photographed and I thought that I would be in heaven if I could get hired to shoot something like that. Not to mention that their understanding and control of how they used their light for the glass was awe inspiring. I'm rambling on, here. I could just show you but they don't have those photos up on their website. too bad! Well, ANYwaaaaay,.....that's enough of my flow of thoughts!

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    Re: mothersday

    I missed this one.

    A gorgeous bouquet. And very creative presentation. I think #1 is my favourite of the three because of the composition and the control of the exposure.

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