I'm not sure if this is the right place to post my question, as this forum is for photography and not videography, but I've found it so helpful I wonder if anyone can help me anyway.

I'm just getting into video editing with the videos I take on my Canon 500D. I'm stuck on the settings to use for the video editing project (I'm using kdenlive):

If I shoot 1920x10800, the 500D manual says 20 frames per second. Does this mean I should stick to 20 frames per second for the video I make in kdenlive?

For 1280x720, it says 30 fps, so no difficulties there. 30 fps, not 29.97, right?

Also, the 500D manual doesn't mention interlaced vs. progressive. I just about understand what these terms mean now, but I don't know which settings to use in kdenlive. Mostly I'm posting stuff to youtube, but I like full quality copies left on my computer.