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    I can not figure out how to send any messages,post messages or answer emails?

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    Re: Help

    Welcome Lee(Ms). There is a Help/Rules section on the line right below the home, Forum etc. Click it and it will help you. Also do a search on threads with posting in it and it will pull up all the threads. If you any more problems we will help more.

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    Re: Help

    Hi Lee and welcome to CiC,

    You have posted here ok so I assume you are talking about Private Messages. The easiest way to send a private message to someone is to click on thier name in the left hand margin and then choose Private Message. To respond to a private message just go to Notifications on the top line (right hand side) and click on Inbox. Open any emails you have received and respond in the box below and click on the send response button below.

    If this does not cover your question please ask again.

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    Re: Help

    Don't worry, Lee, I still get totally confused by this Private Messages stuff.

    I normally enter this 'minefield' through the Private Messages option in the top toolbar, then start panicking!

    It is supposed to be an 'idiot proof' system - which probably means that I am a 'super idiot'. However, I usually, eventually, get things to work but I am never confident about what I am doing.

    And have you worked out how to upload photos yet? That is another thing which sometimes stumps new members. And yes, it took me several attempts before I could get it to work.

    This HELP THREAD: How can I post images here? and a few other subjects in the Community Lounge Section may prove helpful.
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