Calling all Travel Photographers - Are you confident that you know the correct date and time when your photos were taken? Does LightRoom show the correct capture times? Can My Computer or Windows Explorer confuse you with its information? The answer might seem straightforward, but as my new Tutorial explains, all is not as simple as it seems.

Here is a simple exercise to try that will surely surprise you. Open your 'My Documents' folder, and note down the date and time from the 'DateModified' column of any document in there. Now click Start > Settings > Control Panel > Date and Time to display your computer's current date and time properties. Click the Time Zone tab, and change the time zone to something else: your last holiday destination, for instance. Click 'Apply'. Now go back to your 'My Documents' folder and click 'View > Refresh'. Possibly the date, and certainly the time of the document that you looked at earlier will have changed, as will all the others. Don't worry - this isn't permanent. Simply reset your Time Zone back to what it was, apply, then refresh the 'My Documents' view and all the file details will be back to what they were originally.

Please view the full tutorial here:

I've also up-dated my 'Photoshop Retouching Workflow for RAW Images' tutorial, which I hope many will find useful.

Tim, currently travelling through Africa