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Thread: Panoramic question

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    Panoramic question

    Hi, If you setup to take a pano even with a dedicated pano head of any vista (1) where do you focus in the first instance (2) when you get focus say in a three shot pano does the focus not shift when you go from say the centre to the far left or right as these points are furthure away from the camera on a square surface. (3) I assume you would use manual or switch to manual focus once the first focus point is achieved as you would set manual WB. & not change the F stop

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    Re: Panoramic question

    Hi Russ,

    Another "depends" answer I'm afraid.

    Normally the rules are focus and then switch to manual mode, and also manual metering. In terms of focusing it's nothing special (you'd normally use a fairly high F-Stop number anyway), but the biggest issue is whether or not there's anything in the foreground ... if so you need to use a nodal bar so that the camera rotates around the entrance pupil, and not the sensor ... otherwise you get a different perspective on foreground objects relative to the background as you rotate the camera, and the images won't line up.

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