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Thread: A Burn off (for C&C ) please

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    A Burn off (for C&C ) please

    Yesterday, Easter Monday and Anzac Day for us Down Under the good old DSE, ( The Department of Sustainability and the Environment, aka The Dept of Soot and Embers) was having a bit of a burn off not far from us. So we interrupted what we were doing to grab a few 'shots of opportunity.'
    Sorry, but I think I may have done a bad deed. Pics 2 and 3 maybe too large and should have been reduced before posting. Sorry about that. Won't happen again.

    A Burn off (for C&C ) please

    A Burn off (for C&C ) please

    A Burn off (for C&C ) please

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    Re: A Burn off (for C&C ) please

    It was the strangest coincidence to see the title of this, last night! The phone started ringing off the hook but we usually don't answer the phone much, on the day after Easter. (My husband's a pastor...) It turns out - our church was on fire! It's not uncommon for these old dry buildings with old wiring to burn to the ground very, very quickly. Actually, just a couple of months ago, one of our sister churches, a couple of towns over, did just that - there's only a "bombed out" shell left. AMAZINGLY, the trouble started right when the AA meeting was starting. The "guys" smelled the smoke before the alarms went off and, of course, called the fire dept. This morning, we were told that the firemen caught it just as the flames broke out and it was just starting to get in to the partitions in the walls. Another two minutes - literally - and the whole church would have been beyond help. As it is, we just have a smokey mess, a little bit of water damage and some wires to replace. It's incredible! The "church" isn't about a wood and brick structure - it's about people - but we're so glad for our facilities and love our historic building!

    I was just jumpily sitting here, last night, waiting for a ride to take me down in to town when the title of this caught my eye. It was a strange moment, Mr. K!

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