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Thread: Rear-Curtain Sync Flash Option

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    Rear-Curtain Sync Flash Option

    Hi All,

    I have a Nikon D200 and I have a question on the flash options "Rear-Curtain Sync".
    I tried a couple of test shots with that option but could not get what it really means?
    Reading from internet did not help too, Can somebody explain it with some real scenario when/where it is used, if possible with some sample shots too?


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    Re: Rear-Curtain Sync Flash Option

    That means the flash goes off just before the shutter closes.

    You'll see an action line like effect if your shutter speed is slow relative to the speed of your subject.

    I love this mode for party and dances. I set to M, set the shutter speed say 1/15 to 1/10" and adjust ISO and A to taste. I'll look for samples when i get a chance to.


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    Re: Rear-Curtain Sync Flash Option

    Straight off the Nikon website.
    In normal or front curtain sync mode, the speedlight fires at the beginning of the exposure. In rear curtain sync the speedlight fires at the end of the exposure. This feature is useful when taking pictures in which lighted objects are moving in the frame during a long exposure. When employing rear curtain sync, such pictures end up with a more natural look because the flash illuminates the subject (usually a person) with the light streaks behind him/her instead of in front of him/her (which would occur with front curtain sync).

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    Re: Rear-Curtain Sync Flash Option

    Thanks Ray and Bill for the explanation.
    Ray - Please share me a sample when you get a chance.


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