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Thread: Took an absolutely *$*&#% picture yesterday

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    Took an absolutely *$*&#% picture yesterday

    Shot through a chain link fence opening...and the sun just cranked itself on outta there before I could do a decent composition, shot and poof, sun disappeared...

    But, I do like to play and thought I should see if all that PP work had enough value to turn a mundane image into a decent image...not sure it is stunning, but I quite like it! C&C always welcomed.

    Took an absolutely *$*&#% picture yesterday
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    Re: Took an absolutely *$*&#% picture yesterday

    If it was indeed mundane to start with then, yes, the PP work had value. 'Harmonious' is the word that first came in to my head. The strength is having seen that the land, though important, was the context-setting, support act for the sky. Lovely play of light across the whole image.

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