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Thread: Save as Tiff options.

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    Save as Tiff options.

    Hi Folks,
    In Photoshop Elements 7 when saving a file as tiff a dialog box with an option,Pixel Order has two,the first Interleaved (RGBRGB),the second,Per Channel (RRGGBB).
    The first seems to be the default,I'm wondering what exactly these two options are.
    Best Wishes, Pat.

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    Willie or Jiro is fine by me.

    Re: Save as Tiff options.

    Pat, I got curious on your question so I went to and I found this interesting information:

    "...Pixel Order - Choose Interleaved to be able to add the photo to the Organizer."

    I guess the reason why it was the default option PSE 7 is hoping or "thinking" that you may want to add the image to your photo organizer. If not, then the second option it is. Hope this helps.

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