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Thread: Study in Browns

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    Study in Browns

    Pretty boring subject but the interplay of the brown colours caught my eye. Really needs lots of strong C&C to stop me doing this sort of thing!
    PS I know the fly should really been swotted and exited left off stage.

    Study in Browns
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    Re: Study in Browns

    I like brown! You know, Ken Outch, the Dutch masters liked to have bugs in their still life, botanical compositions - okay, so, a lot of times, the bugs were dead BUT still.... It represented how transitory life is. Very cheery! Other than that, the lip of the pot doesn't look quite straight but I can't tell if that's an illusion because of the shadow. Maybe, the highlights on the succulents are blown a little bit? Anyway, I see what you see - nifty! I'm not quite sure how I would have gone about trying to get it. I'll let someone else chime in about leading lines 'n stuff or whatever.

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