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Thread: In Work

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    In Work

    This image is in work but I am tired so I will leave you with the work in progress. Comments and suggestions most welcome

    The original image

    In Work

    And the manipulation...and without mind altering substances....well maybe a smal packet of Uncle Joes Mint Balls

    In Work

    And because it does not deserve a post of its unrelated bonus shot

    In Work

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    Re: In Work

    Quote Originally Posted by Wirefox View Post
    Comments and suggestions most welcome

    In Work
    It's those mist-like flashes. I think it is going to need something like that, but as it stands at the moment, I feel they are a bit too strong and dominant, especially that one going up towards the top left from the middle of flower ball.

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    Re: In Work

    Now I look at these in the cold light of day they are over-processed. As you say the composite certainly needs some thought in terms of merging the layers. The mist is way too heavy and there is too much separation between each layer.

    I must say I am very surprised that nobody else pulled me up about the flower shots. Given that there was an insurgence in Rose Land when a minor red cast tried to stage a coup d'état I would have thought these shots would have caused mayhem.

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