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Thread: First try out TS-E 24 mm

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    First try out TS-E 24 mm

    First try out TS-E 24 mm
    Here my first pictures made with the TS-E 24 mm
    Just a try out. I made a stitch from my home office. (don't watch the mess )
    Made 3 exposures first 11 left shift; Second middle position and thirt 11 mm right shift.
    After that put in Photoshop together with photomerge
    For a first quick test what do you think?
    I myself was positive surprised about the results because I passed the red marks.

    Now waiting that it stops raining so I v
    can go outside for some building pics.
    Can't wait for it.

    C& C welcome
    Picture loading did not work.
    Will figure out what to do.
    Maybe someone can give a tip?
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    Have a guess :)

    Re: First try out TS-E 24 mm

    Hi Hans,

    Where abouts is the image that you want to display located?

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