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Thread: English Heritage and Photography

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    English Heritage and Photography

    My English Heritage members magazine arrived yesterday and a couple of things caught my attention.

    A 1.7 million grant from the heritage lottery fund and other donors including the Foyle Foundation will allow the launch of a free website displaying thousands of images from English Heritage Aerofilms Collection. The aim (over 4 years) is to make 95,000 of the oldest images taken between 1919 and 1953 will be available online to the public. All photographs are taken from the air. You can read more about this project HERE

    And for those of you inclined to such things a photography workshop is being held at Kirby Hall,Northamptonshire Fri 20th May 10:00am - 4:30pm. You will get access to photograph both inside and outside the property and refreshments an a buffet lunch are included - 60 -(Kirkby Hall info)

    Same at Bolsover Castle and Sutton Scarsdale, Derbyshire on Thurs 23 Jun 10:30 - 4-30pm - in this case both properties are included in the 60 workshop fee.

    These are members events and can be booked on 0870 3331183. Probably worth the pice of the membership since photographing inside these properties is not usually allowed.

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    Re: English Heritage and Photography

    Thanks for sharing this post.I am looking forward to book on it.

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