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Thread: Around The Neighborhood

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    Around The Neighborhood

    today was GLORIOUS day. The weather was so nice! SO I grabbed the camera. This was more of a PP exercise than anything. C&C much appreciated.

    My dad happened to be outside painting the soffets and cleaning his porch. He took the ladder down and intended to lean against the house on its side but it had other plans.
    Around The Neighborhood

    Water draining off his porch from hosing it down to wash away the pollen.
    Around The Neighborhood

    Spring time tree behind the Library.
    Around The Neighborhood

    Speaking of Library. One of four Carnegie Libraries in this city. Only two of which are still operational (I think). Smaller libraries like these (Carnagie and non-Carnagie) are satellites to the newer and bigger Central Library located downtown.
    Around The Neighborhood

    Thanks for viewing!
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    Re: Around The Neighborhood

    Hi Mario,

    #1 and #2 are pretty strong compositions and benefit from their simplicity.

    #3 and #4 don't really work for me I'm afraid;
    #3 the central tree has the trunk/ground join cut off
    #4 is just a little too fussy because of the trees, which complicate the shot in front, behind and even with the strong shadows on the lawn. That said, apart from being just a little too tightly framed or cropped across the top, it is a good head-on shot of the building.

    Never the less, god for you to go out and actually take some pictures and show them, something I have been very bad about lately

    They are all well exposed and nicely white balanced.

    Hope that was helpful,

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