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Thread: An Apple a Day

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    An Apple a Day

    An apple a day, keeps the doctor away...

    And by the way - did you know that a garlic a day, keeps everybody away

    I am a Norweigen, trying to find my way in the jungle of digital photo and PS editing. This is my first posting in this forum. One of the things I like to work with is in the style of simple, classic stil life. Hope I'm doing this right.

    An Apple a Day
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    re: An Apple a Day

    Hi and welcome to CiC,

    If you go to My Profile you can include your first name under the heading Real Name and it will appear in the left hand margin. We tend to reply to people using their name if possible.

    I must admit that I do not do any still life but I would think the use of a reflector to bounce some light back from the right hand side would enhance this image and I am not sure about the posing of the fruit. This is one reason I do not do still life – my set ups are rubbish.

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    re: An Apple a Day

    Contra to Peter I think a reflecta would spoil the image, its work now as the strong single light direction enhances the form and shape.

    The light by the way is gorgeous and warm, perfect for the subject.

    There's a blue area below the apples that could do with editing out but otherwise an excellent image.

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