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Thread: Been Fishing

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    Been Fishing

    Stopped for a fifteen minute stroll around a local marina this morning on the way to work and spotted this fishing line hanging from some railings.

    The light was almost directly behind making it sparkle so a shufty to and fro got it lined up nicely with the vertical patterns of the black railings.

    Been Fishing

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    Re: Been Fishing

    I Robin,

    I like the idea and marinas provide a wealth of opportunities. I do like the rail disappearing into the blackness but I think I would have liked it a little lighter, as this would show just a hint more of the rail and some depth to this shot. At the moment I think it is in no-man’s land.

    You have captured the fishing line well. My eye starts at the top and tries to follow the line but gets confused with the jumble of line in the middle. The first main intersection of line n facts draws me to the left and then down and out of the image and I am lost to it. It would have been better of the line were not so tangled so the eye could follow your suggestion.

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