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Thread: amateur clicks

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    amateur clicks

    my first step toward photography

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    Re: amateur clicks


    Thank you for joining up with CiC. Did you know that you can edit your profile and put your proper name into 'Real Name' and it will then appear alongside all your posts. Then we'll all know who we're talking to.

    Great to have you here. I'm not sure if you meant to have an image in your first post above. If so, as you can see it didn't work. In your welcoming e-mail, I think you got a link to this thread. It tells you all about how to post images. Have a read of it and, then, if you've still got problems just post up another message and we;'ll come running to the rescue!

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    Re: amateur clicks

    Hi don't worry about about not getting your photo on the site first time. The same thing happened to me. Just listen to Donald and do what he asks and you will soon get the hang of it. I had very little experience on computers or photography and the people on this site have been an amazing in the help they have given me.... So just keep on trying it's well worth it..... Joe

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