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Thread: C&C Portraits Please

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    C&C Portraits Please

    After reading through some stuff on post processing and taking advice from my last portrait posts, I decided to 'redo' some portraits I took last November. I would like to have more contrast from the background, and maybe that's something I could 'fix' in processing? Any suggestions for improvements?

    The focus on the far eye is off in this one... not sure if that's a bad thing though? I guess since I'm wondering if it is, it probably is!
    C&C Portraits Please

    This is one of my favorite pictures of my daughter.
    C&C Portraits Please

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    rob marshall

    Re: C&C Portraits Please

    Good shots. I prefer #1 as it looks more relaxed. I think you could have gone in even closer and made a real feature of the facial features, and a square crop seems to suit. Just my opinion.

    C&C Portraits Please

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