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Thread: Camera Profiles and Adobe Camera Raw.

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    Camera Profiles and Adobe Camera Raw.

    In ACR I have camera profiles for my canon 50d,and thinking they were an update downloaded camera profiles Beta 2 but don't see any difference and am confused. Also I downloaded Adobe Camera Raw version 5.5 but in the raw converter it still reads version 4.4. I loged onto the adobe website but can't find a satisfactory explanation,maybe it's just me.
    I have my camera set to Faithful and use that profile in the raw converter,the lifting of this would put a on my face.

    Best Wishes, Pat

    Oh yes,the software is Elements 7
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    Re: Camera Profiles and Adobe Camera Raw.

    Hi Pat,

    I'm sorry but I can not undestand your problem! Can you be more specific?

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    Re: Camera Profiles and Adobe Camera Raw.

    Hi Pat,

    It sounds like you may not have put the new downloaded file into the correct folder on your computer - or, as a second guess, you didn't rename and move the old one out of the folder, so it is still finding that one.

    The instructions aren't difficult and don't appear badly written either, but a surprising number of people mange to get it wrong (including me the first time)

    Someone here at CiC, within the last week, wrote them out again and they looked good to me, if you can find that post.

    Good luck,

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