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Thread: Monument Valley

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    Monument Valley

    This is my first try at posting a photo. If all goes well, I'd appreciate C&C on a shot I took about three years ago in Monument Valley. I had just bought a Canon Rebel DSLR with two kit lenses and was shooting exclusively on full auto. I processed this pic in iPhoto. Since then, I've upgraded to a Canon 5D MKII. I'm currently trying to grow into my new camera. Thank you in advance.

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    Re: Monument Valley

    As you can see, the image didn't post.

    Have you read through this thread, which should give you all the answers. If not, come back and ask.

    As you can see, I've managed to capture the image at this small size from the URL in your post. However, I'm sure this is not what you intended to post.

    Monument Valley

    ps - Welcome to CiC. Did you know that you can edit your profile and enter your proper name under 'Real Name'. We tend to use proper names on the site.

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