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Thread: I don't do flowers but ...

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    I don't do flowers but ...

    ... in the absence of anything else and in view of the fact that these little guys have just popped up in the garden ...

    Both shots 1/125 (or thereabouts) at f22 with two speedlights on wireless. Mamiya 80mm f4 macro.
    Both shots on manual and exposure set to kill any ambient light.
    I don't do flowers but ...

    Sheet of white paper behind the snowdrop backlit with one of the flashes to burn out the background. Thought white flower, white background might be interesting and a bit of a challenge ...
    I don't do flowers but ...

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    Re: I don't do flowers but ...

    I love the black and white one. I love the way the light is making the petals almost transparent. The other is perhaps just too white. - the flowers don't show up enough. G8

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