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Thread: candid

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    Andy Bray


    I saw these two drinking the strong stuff.


    thank you Donald. I'v only had my camera a week and doing candid interests me. C+C welcome.
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    Re: candid

    Hi Andy and welcome to CiC,

    I do not do a lot of people shots but if and when I do I much prefer candid. I am no good at posing people or things. I assume the colour is a result of the tint on the overhead glass. I don’t mind it but I find the two subjects are too far apart. My eye keeps getting drawn to the brightest par t of the iamge i.e. the centre and I want to keep looking at the tree structure in the background. I think if you had been able to change the angle to get these two closer and a wider aperture to blur the background it might be slightly stronger.

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