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Thread: Morning at Agta Point

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    Morning at Agta Point

    One morning on my recent island trip, I had wandered on a fishing village in the Philippine Sea of the Pacific. I wish I could learn more from this pictures through your critical opinions.



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    Re: Morning at Agta Point

    For me, the first image has some strange band like effect on the left headland which reaches to the sea. I'm not sure what has happened there but I think it spoils the photo. Possibly a bit of editing would improve the problem.

    The second photo works well. Maybe a little bit of extra brightness could be applied to the foreground using a layer and a mask. But I wouldn't worry too much about that.

    I'm not keen on the third with that disjointed and softly focused hand. And I don't think that there would be sufficient interesting material left if a crop was used to 'remove' the right side including the hand. But it may be worth trying.

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    Re: Morning at Agta Point

    It agree, it is necessary to process pictures a few. However, to me like all
    But if mentally to divide pictures on two parts, always there is an angle very light and there is an angle very dark

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