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Thread: LDR Tonemapping program written by me

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    LDR Tonemapping program written by me

    I wrote a LDR tonemapping program (a.k.a. "Pseudo HDR").
    This program tonemaps one single low dinamic image (like, 1 jpeg) and produces a better picture.
    You can see it here:

    Also, see the demonstration page here:
    It is best to use it on timelapse photography as I used it here
    1) timelapse with original photos
    2) timelaspe with photos tonemapped with this program

    You can download the program for Linux and Windows:

    This program is released under GNU General Public License (the complete source code is available) and it runs under Linux and Windows.



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    Re: LDR Tonemapping program written by me

    Well, I downloaded it and tried it....It certainly gave a different (brighter, more sky detail than FDR which I used for comparison....

    I did find loading a file and saving was somewhat difficult to understand....

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    Re: LDR Tonemapping program written by me

    thanks for sharing

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    Re: LDR Tonemapping program written by me

    Thanks , but I'm on a MAC , at least you know people are reading .

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